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ESA Embroidery Fonts: What the Professionals Use

ESA Flexi-Fonts are the gold standard in the commercial embroidery industry & are finally available for the home embroiderer & small business owner without having to invest thousands. ESA Fonts give you superior results compared to ANY other type of embroidery fonts. Loaded directly into your software, they can join closest point, giving you unlimited property & stitch type options for optimum results & complete customization. ESA fonts are professionally hand digitized for Wilcom Hatch, ES and the newest version of Janome MBX V5 software. Digitizing Made Easy has the world’s largest collection of ESA fonts (over 500) & the industries most affordable prices. See categories below.

  • Individual Fonts only $10.00
  • Any 5 Fonts only $40.00
  • Any 10 Fonts only $60.00
  • Any 25 Fonts only $100.00

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