Machine Embroidery on a Baseball Cap Help

ANSWERS TO YOUR HAT EMBROIDERY QUESTIONS IN THIS VIDEO! Have you had a difficult time stitching or digitizing for hats? If so, check out this video and learn WHY your hat embroidery is not always working out. John Deer, Embroidery Medic has some answers and great explanations to help you with your hat embroidery.

Do you know how to digitize and stitch designs for baseball caps?
The surface of a hat is curved and you need to do a few things differently. Learn cap embroidery from the ground up, and start stitching and creating better-embroidered hats.

There are a few things to take into consideration when you are stitching or digitizing hat embroidery: How and why to change the underlay, why you need to overlap satin stitches, how to digitize for a hat, how to fix hat embroidery designs, fill stitches on hat embroidery, add underlay to hat embroidery designs, understanding hat embroidery, proper sewing order for embroidered hats, edge run underlay on hats, gaps and separation between objects AND SO MUCH MORE.

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