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What is Hatch Embroidery & Digitizing Software?

Hatch is an easy-to-use machine embroidery & digitizing software program that’ll quickly transform your creative ideas into reality with professional results. Whether you want to create beautiful designs from scratch, edit designs you purchased, want to personalize a project with professional lettering and monograms, or simply organize and convert your design files, this is the perfect embroidery software for you.

Featuring industry-leading technology & Wilcom’s world-famous stitch quality, Hatch can be purchased all in one or in chunks allowing you to start off small & add on modules when it’s right for you. This makes Hatch perfect for embroiderers from all walks of life. Whether you’re a beginner, hobbyist or long-time embroidery enthusiast, Hatch is an amazing tool that’ll help you take your embroidery to the next level today.

Download the free trial now & see how it stacks up to your current software program through comparison.

Is Hatch the Best Embroidery Software for You?

I’m sure at one point you’ve asked yourself: what is the best embroidery or digitizing software program for me? If so, you’re not alone. Over the years I’ve had thousands of people ask me this very question. I’ve personally been a loyal Wilcom user for over 25 years & am extremely happy that they’ve finally released Hatch as a professional alternative for the home embroiderer.

Wilcom has been the gold-standard in commercial digitizing for over two decades now. Through Hatch, Wilcom has made commercial industry features available to you, the home embroiderer. Now I’m not saying that Hatch is the end-all be-all of embroidery software programs… But I will list a few key features that set it apart and in my opinion make it the best option for most home embroiderers:

Professional Auto-Branching

Properly pathing your designs before digitizing them is a must. Why not cut your learning curve in half & let Hatch do it perfectly for you?

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Commercial Grade ESA Flexi-Fonts

Unlike other embroidery font types, ESA Flexi-Fonts are 100% customizable. Re-size them, adjust stitch types, and change any node with just the click of a button!

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Industry-Leading Fabric Assist

Not sure how to change the stitch count, density, underlay, push & pull compensation of your designs for different fabric types? No problem. Hatch’s native EMB file format has you covered.

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Hatch Free Bonus Embroidery Design

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Enjoy 30 days of unlimited use of all the features! No credit card required. Download your free Hatch trial through us today & receive the following exclusive bonuses:

  • The beautiful tiger design displayed here.
  • Two free guided tutorials: “Welcome to Hatch” ($19.95) & “ESA Lettering and Monograms” ($4.95).
  • Two free Hatch lessons “Auto-Digitizing” ($19.95) & “Manual Digitizing” ($19.95), which both include fun projects.
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Purchase Hatch through Embroidery Legacy & Receive Incredible Bonuses

I’ve always said: Any software program is only as good as the education & support that comes with it. As an official Hatch re-seller, when you purchase Hatch through us we provide you with every tool necessary to turn your embroidery dreams into a reality quickly & easily.

As a bonus, we include hands-on support, industry-leading online digitizing lessons, embroidery designs & additional ESA Fonts & monograms which you pick yourself from over 625. Simply use the code DEER19 at checkout. Here is exactly what you can expect when you purchase Hatch through Digitizing Made Easy:

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You’re Even Covered by a Full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You can relax knowing that after your trial, if you purchase Hatch you’re covered by a full 30-day money back guarantee. You’ll have confidence in knowing that if Hatch doesn’t provide you with everything you need to take your embroidery to the next level… we’ll gladly refund your money. That’s how confident we are that this will be the best investment you ever make in your embroidery.

john deer world most awarded dizitizer

Who Is John Deer & What Does He Know About Embroidery Digitizing Software?

John Deer has been the most awarded embroidery digitizer in the world for over 20 years now. As a 4th generation embroiderer, John has an extremely unique history in the embroidery digitizing industry: he is one of the last 2 living Schiffli Masters in North America. John learned and apprenticed under Swiss Schiffli Master Digitizers (then known as “punchers”) over 30 years ago in his grandparent’s factory, before computers even entered the digitizing world.

In the 1990’s-2000s John owned & ran one of North America’s largest commercial digitizing house, where he did the digitizing for many large corporations including: Disney, Coco-Cola, GM, the NFL, & the NBA. John has personally won 30 separate digitizing awards in the commercial industry and wrote the book on digitizing called “Digitizing Made Easy” which has sold over 44,300 copies & is used in Universities across the United States to teach those studying textile.

Our Hatch Customer Reviews…

Cynthia Steiner

Hatch is so easy to use.

Then add on top all the support from other users and Digitizing Made Easy’s video lessons the possibilities of creativity are endless... Once you go Hatch, your embroidery will never be the same! I encourage you to be a risk taker and go for it!

Cynthia Steiner
Meryl Robinson

Hatch has transformed me from a useless digitizer to a competent one

Hatch is simply the best value on the market in a package that is easy to learn… Without Hatch I would no only be purchasing lots of designs of dubious quality, but I would not be able to make all those personalised gifts for my friends and family.

Meryl Robinson

Eva Wherle

I love the Hatch software.

It’s extremely powerful and very easy to use… I wish I was personally as fast as my software… Digitizing Made Easy has tons of individual videos to help with many questions. They are really well done & easy to follow.

Eva Wherle
Jan Temple

I have been amazed by the Hatch software and it is affordable

I have had so many different digitizing programs since I started using an embroidery machine… I have been amazed by the Hatch software… You have the chance to go as far as you want to learn the program and classes and support are at your finger tips!

Jan Temple

Frequently Asked Hatch Questions:

Hatch works with virtually every embroidery machine. Please see the machine formats that Hatch can read and write below. If your format is there, than yes Hatch will work with your machine.

Hatch will read most domestic embroidery file types. It can read the following formats:

  • Wilcom: .EMB & .EMX
  • Melco: .EXP
  • Tajima: .DST
  • Janome: .JAN .JEF .JEF+ .JPX .SEW .EMX .EMD
  • Bernina: .ART .EXP .ARX .ART70 .ART60 .ART50 .ART42 .ART (V1/2/3/4)
  • Brother/Babylock/Deco: .PES .PEC
  • Husqvarna/Viking/Pfaff: .VP3 .VIP .SHV .HUS .PCS .PCD .PCQ .PCM
  • Singer: .XXX .CSD
  • Melco Condensed .CND
  • Great Notions .GNC

Hatch can write the following formats:

  • Save as: .EMB (.EMB is your “working file”. Although not necessary, it is recommended to save all designs to .EMB before you export to your machine format. This is the best format to edit your designs in the future)

Export designs to:

  • .EXP
  • .DST
  • Janome/Elna: JEF .JPX .SEW .EMD
  • Bernina: .EXP
  • Brother/Babylock/Deco: .PES . PEC
  • Husqvarna/Viking/Pfaff: .VP3 .VIP .SHV .HUS .PCS .PCD .PCQ .PCM
  • Singer: .XXX .CSD
  • Melco: .EXP
  • Tajima: .DST

Unlike some of the other embroidery software trials out there, there are NO limitations to the free 30 day Hatch trial. The trial version of Hatch DOES allow you to save and stitch out your designs. In our opinion, the only way to truly see the quality of any embroidery software is to test stitch outs.

There are 4 levels of the Hatch software. The level of Hatch you’ll need really depends on what you’d like the software for. For example: If you only want to add custom lettering around designs or do monogramming you’ll only need Hatch Personalizer. Or if you’d like to create your own embroidery designs, you’ll need Hatch Digitizer. To view a chart explaining which features are included with each level of Hatch Click Here.

Hatch does not require a dongle to run. It’s a downloadable product which can be used on multiple computers. This is an advantage over other programs which require dongles as you do not need to repurchase the program if a dongle is lost.

Yes. Hatch can be used on up to 3 computers.

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