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Introducing the Redline Embroidery Machine

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Discover the Power of a Commercial Grade Machine

The Redline 1501 is a light weight & compact industrial embroidery machine. With 15 needles and the ability to run up to 1200 SPM (stitches per minute), this machine will allow you to embroider on almost any fabric type & garment imaginable. Whether you’re interested in starting an embroidery business or upgrading to a multi-needle machine to boost your creative potential, this user-friendly machine has you covered!

Redline Embroidery Machine Front View

Solid Metal Construction

Redline Metal Base

Quality Parts

Redline Quality

Smooth Tension System

Redline smooth tension system
  • Easily embroider on almost any garment type using tubular, cap or flat embroidery mode
  • Capable of embroidering large jacket backs with a max embroidery area of 17″ X 14″ (or 45 X 35CM)
  • Embroider caps with a built-in 270 wide angle cap system
  • Memory size = 2,000,000 Stitches and 200 Designs
  • Advanced 8″ color LCD touchscreen monitor
  • Save time with automatic color changes, thread break detection & trimmers all built in
  • Easy to set up with built in USB port & universal power supply 110V/60Hz and 220V/50Hz self adaptable (all wiring safely done by IEC standards)
  • Get accurate placement with precise digital degree shown on screen
  • Easy to store with a retractable thread stand included
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Stop Paying for Attachments

Unlike some other machines that require you to purchase separate attachments as optional “add-ons” (that very quickly add up), this machine gives you everything you could possibly need at once! This is one of the largest factors that influenced us into endorsing Redline: There are no hidden fees or additional purchases required to be able to embroider on different garment types.

Redline Attachments Included
  • Two 58×38 CM (22.8″x 15″) hoops included
  • Two 30×30 CM (11.8″x 11.8″) hoops included
  • Two 19×19 CM (7.5″x 7.5″) hoops included
  • Two 15×15 CM (5.9″x 5.9″) hoops included
  • Two 12×12 CM (4.7″x 4.7″) hoops included
  • Sash frame included
  • Flat included
  • Toolbox with spare parts included
  • Machine stand included
  • Cap driver included
  • Cap gauge included
  • Two cap frames included

A Price That Can’t Be Beat

This machine is a fraction of the price compared to other multi-needle machines on the market. Why? Because when you purchase a Redline, the machine isn’t going through various levels of corporate infrastructure that raise the price higher. You basically bypass paying the international, national and regional sales frameworks that some of the other machine manufacturers have in place. It’s kind of like buying factory direct or wholesale.

Because of this, you can literally buy 2 of these machines for the price you’d pay for 1 from another brand. This is especially handy for those of you who embroider a lot, or who’re looking to start or already do own an embroidery business. It can double your production for the same price!

 Sales Price Only $7599

Regularly $8,995

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Quality Guaranteed! You’re Even Covered by a Warranty

Redline quality guarantee

We don’t take endorsing and putting our name behind ANY embroidery product lightly. We couldn’t have made it over 60 years in the embroidery industry without putting our customers first and looking out for your best interests. That being said, Redline machines are commercial grade & built to last. We’ve thoroughly tested them and now run one ourselves on our production floor.

To ensure your machine gets delivered to you in top-notch condition, each Redline is inspected twice by an experienced technician before being shipped to any customer. But that’s not all: each machine is covered by warranty (please see Redline’s site for full details):

1 year coverage on all parts and labor. Warranty doesn’t cover shipping expenses. All machines are repaired at Redline’s Texas facility only.

2 year coverage on all mechanical components. (No labor is included)

5  year coverage on the main motor. (No labor is included) *with a certified technician’s diagnosis

Plus Get a Large Echidna Hooping Station FREE

$349 Added Value!

Want to make your embroidery hooping faster & easier than ever before? Use our re-seller code DEER19 when ordering your Redline 1501 machine and we’ll even send you a large Echidna Hooping Station FREE! Simply place your order with Redline using our re-seller code & then send us an email that your order has been placed. Once we receive your order confirmation from Redline, we’ll ship you your large hooping statio free!

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Assistance & Training

Owning a commercial grade embroidery machine will undoubtedly lift your embroidery to an entirely new level. But of course, you’ll need to know how to use it first. After you purchase your machine, Redline’s support is there to help ensure your success. Redline provides support in the following ways: 

  1. Live training at Redline’s facility in Texas: After purchasing your new machine, Redline offers a free training 2-day course at their facility in El Paso, Texas. This in-person training will teach you everything you’ll need to know about running and caring for your machine to ensure it lasts for years to come. Taught by an experienced machine technician, this training will not only cover the basics, but also more advanced topics that’ll help you get better embroidered results. Although travel expenses for this training are not included, with the amazing price point this machine is offered for, you’ll still be saving AND get an embroidery vacation. It’s a win-win!
  2. Free online training videos: Even if you can’t make the live training, there is no lack of helpful “how to” videos to get you past any questions you might have. There are dozens of videos covering assembly, how to use different features and attachments, and even how to perform minor machine repairs yourself. These videos will help you tackle virtually any machine-related question with confidence
  3. Phone Support Line: As a fail-safe, Redline does have a support line manned by a specialist machine technician just in case you do have a specific question or need help quick.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

The Redline 1501 machine is 20 inches wide and 14 inches long.

The Redline uses a normal household power adaptor: 110V/220V self adaptable.

The Redline 1501 reads DSB & DST (commercial machine file formats). If you do own designs in other file formats (for example: PES, JEF, VP3, etc) there is a free software program that’ll allow you to convert most common embroidery file formats into DST.

If the machine is in stock at Redline’s Texas warehouse (which it usually is) it’ll take 5 to 12 business days to arrive.

  • Wire transfer
  • Credit Card (2%) free
  • Check (machine will not ship until the check clears)
  • Finance options are available as well

Yes, you can use most aftermarket accessories with this machine.

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